ETT Teachers / Consultants

ETTIA officially recognizes the following ETTIA members as ETT Teachers who are responsible for the facilitation of all ETT Training Levels.  These teachers also serve as ETT Consultants who oversee post-training experience that is required for 1) advancement to the next level of training, and 2) meeting the requirements for ETTIA Certification.

ETT Teachers/Consultants

ETT Consultants

ETTIA officially recognizes the following ETTIA members as ETT Consultants.

Lolita Domingue, MS, LMFT | Teacher / Consultant

Lolita Domingue, MS, LMFT, received her Masters in Science from the University of La Verne in 1993 and performed internships at the University of La Verne Counseling Center, Claremont Unified School District, American Institute of Family Counseling in Tustin, California, Your Authority in Chino, Fred C. Nelles Youth Training School and the Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic.  In December 1996 she received her Marriage, Family and Child Counseling license and worked as a mental health consultant for the Foundation for Early Childhood Education, Head Start Preschools.

Ms. Domingue has worked as a full-time program therapist and coordinator at the Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic in the Early Intervention Day Treatment Program with severely emotionally disturbed children ages 5 years and under.  Since 1998 Ms. Domingue has been in private practice, has served as adjunct faculty in the Behavioral Science Department of Loma Linda University and in the Behavioral Sciences Department of the University of La Verne.  She also provides clinical supervision to counselors and therapists in training at the Loma Linda University Behavioral Health Institute, Catholic Charities of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties and since 2011 to Child Social Workers for the County of San Bernardino Children and Family Services

Ms. Domingues is currently a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapist as well as The Emotional Transformation Therapy International Association.  She has presented numerous workshops and trainings to mental health professionals on child and play therapy, working with the African-American community, Emotional Transformation Therapy (ETT®) and has spent the last three years focused on the effort to become a more proficient ETT Therapist.

Carole Gilmore, LPC | Teacher/ Consultant

Carole Gilmore is a Licensed Professional Counselor that specializes in marriage restoration and revitalization. One of the greatest joys of her profession is her ability to help inspire couples and individuals to overcome personal obstacles to improve their relationships. Using cutting edge intervention like Emotional Transformation Therapy (ETT), Carole has been able to help people discover, experience and live healthier lives. Her private practice, Authentic Balance Counseling is located in McKinney, Texas. She holds a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling with a concentration in Forensic Counseling and is currently pursuing her doctorate in psychology.

Jerilee Merkle, LCSW, DSW, BCD | Teacher / Consultant

Dr. Jerilee Merkle, LCSW, DSW, BCD is an ETT® Teacher, ETT Consultant, and an ETTIA Master Certified Practitioner, trained by Dr. Steven Vazquez. Dr. Merkle is committed to the professional goal of ETT revolutionizing mental health treatment.

Licensed in Oregon, Dr. Merkle is a Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work.  She completed a Master’s in Social Work from Portland State University in 1984 as a military veteran on the GI Bill. 

Dr. Merkle is a Qualified Clinical Supervisor (1995) for MSW, LPC, MFT and CMHP candidates for licensing.  She has been adjunct faculty for master’s clinical programs at the University of Oregon, Portland State University, University of Portland, Western State University, Pacific University and George Fox College.  Dr. Merkle is currently a field instructor for several graduate programs in counseling.

A long standing member of the Academy of Clinical Social Work (1988), the National Association of Social Work (1982) and the Oregon Chapter of Social Work (1982), Dr. Merkle is a member of the American Association of Behavioral Therapists and has been a Certified Behavioral Therapist since 1996.  She also holds certification as an Equine Assisted Therapist (1995). 

With membership in the American Counseling Association (1998), Association for Creativity in Counseling (2008) and American Mental Health Association (2009), Dr. Merkle is current on evidence based techniques and modalities.

With more than 30 years of private practice, following military service as a Neuropsychiatric medic during the Viet Nam conflict, Dr. Merkle continues to specialize in treating various forms of PTSD from returning veterans, to child abuse/neglect, to sexual assault/incest, to victims of domestic family violence, to vehicular accidents, to crime victims, and to disaster survivors.

Lynn Rutherford, MS, LPC | Consultant

Lynn Rutherford, a Licensed Professional Counselor (L.P.C.), is an ETT Consultant trained by Dr. Steven Vazquez.

Lynn has more than 30 years experience in the mental health field that includes vocational rehabilitation, neurofeedback, chemical dependency, and treating emotionally disturbed children and their families.

She has maintained a thriving private practice for 25 years in Austin, Texas. With the awareness that most, if not all, symptoms seems to have their roots in trauma to some degree or another, Lynn has been committed to developing her skills in assisting those wounded by trauma. This path led her to pursue training in various trauma reduction methods, including becoming an EMDR practitioner and consultant. For the last 13 years, she has been devoted to the practice and development of ETT as the leading edge method in facilitating rapid and thorough resolution of a multitude of mental health issues.

Katrena Hart, MS, LPC-S | Consultant

Katrena Hart MS, LPC-S, CBT, ATA, CETT, TEP is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Supervisor (LPC-S) in private practice in Allen, Texas. She is a Certified Bioenergetic Therapist (CBT) and serves on the board for the Dallas Society of Bioenergetic Analysis as well as on the training committee. She is an Advanced Training Analyst (ATA) as a bioenergetic clinician. She is trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). She is also trained in Dr. Steven Vasquez’s ETT light box therapy (CETT). She is a Practitioner & International Trainer of Psychodrama (TEP) and a trained Mediator. She is the Founder of Bridging Harts Psychodrama Training Institute & Psychotherapy. She is a fellow board member at Healing Springs Ranch.

Katrena explores with each client a variety of tools depending on the personality of the client and the desired focus of the session. She is creative and energetic and is willing to take risks with each client to help them rediscover their true potential.

Katrena is also a mom of two growing and active boys. She and her husband, Chris, are raising their children as working parents. This helps her to understand the rigors and struggles of creating a life of balance and connection.

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Ann Kirlin, PsyD | Consultant

Dr. Ann M. Kirlin, Licensed Clinical Psychologist has a private practice in Newport Beach, California.  She is an adjunct professor teaching Trauma Theory / Treatment, Couples Theory and Sexuality at two Southern California Universities (Argosy, Azusa Pacific).   Dr. Kirlin has completed and obtained certificates from:  the University of Michigan’s year-long certificate program in Sexual Health in Sexuality Education and Sex Therapy, all ETT® Training Levels, ETT Couples Training as well as ETTIA Master Level Certification.  First ETT dissertation:  A Treatment Plan for Elimination of Sexual Compulsions Utilizing Attachment Theory and ETT.

Amber Rikert, LCSW, MPH | Consultant

Amber Rickert, LCSW, MPH is the Director of Outpatient Services at Los Angeles Child Guidance in South Los Angeles which serves children and families predominantly living under the federal poverty line. She has a private practice in Highland Park where her work is focused primarily on trauma. She holds a master's in social work and a master's in public health from Columbia University and has always held a fundamental belief that healing should be available to people at all strata of society.

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Anna Sonnenburg, LPC | Teacher / Consultant

Anna Sonnenburg, LPC, is formally educated as a psychotherapist and teacher from a “holistic” orientation.  Her diverse practice of over 30 years includes school counselor, county mental health as well as private practice.  Versed in numerous therapeutic paradigms taught by the innovators themselves, Anna has had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.  It was not until 1999 when she met Dr. Steven Vazquez in Portland, Oregon that she discovered “the system” (ETT®) that integrated her passion as a healer with her therapeutic skills and her intrinsic knowledge.


Marsha Utain, MS, LMFT | Consultant

Marsha Utain, MS, LMFT  taught at California State University Long Beach and has been in private practice for 37 years.  She is the author of the pamphlet Stepping Out of Chaos and co-author of the book Scream Louder.  Marsha was drawn to ETT® in 2011.  She is an ETTIA Master Certified Practitioner and she has achieved the ETT Drug and Alcohol Certification from founder Steven R. Vazquez, Ph.D

Steven Vazquez, Phd, LPC-S, LMFT | Teacher / Consultant

Vazquez is a compassionate therapist who is also results oriented. He is a licensed professional counselor and a licensed marriage and family therapist with over thirty-five years of experience.

Dr. Vazquez originated the powerful new method of Emotional Transformation Therapy (ETT®) and has trained hundreds of professionals in eight countries. ETT can alleviate emotional distress in seconds, physical pain in minutes, and conditions that would normally take several months, can often be resolved in just a few sessions. He also developed a new form of non-touch energy medicine that has revolutionized treatment and brought peace to hundreds of people.

As a public speaker he has presented at over forty professional conferences all over the U. S. and other countries. He is the author of the books Emotional Transformation Therapy, Accelerated Ecological Psychotherapy, and the upcoming book Spiritually Transformative Psychotherapy (in 2016). Dr. Vazquez has also published numerous professional articles for peer-reviewed journals. He has developed a certification program for professionals in addiction treatment based on a the new Addictive Template Model. Dr. Vazquez has a special interest in guiding people through spiritual and religious issues.