ETT Training

Emotional Transformation Therapy (ETT®) Training

ETT Level I Training | Introduction to ETT: Therapuetic Eye Movement and Quantum Processes

This training introduces the fundamental theoretical premises upon which ETT is based.  These are visual brain stimulation, attachment based interpersonal neurobiology, and how specific wavelengths of light affect the brain.  Two basic ETT techniques are presented in this training: Spectral Resonance Technique (SRT) and Multidimensional Eye Movement (MDEM).

ETT Level II Training | Facilitating Transformation Processes

This training presents two basic ETT techniques: Peripheral Eye Stimulation (PES) and the use of the Neuro Thera Light Device (NTL).

ETT Level III Training | Treatment of Mental Health Issues

Utilizing ETT techniques taught in the Level I & II trainings, this training presents specific protocols used in the treatment of mental health issues.

ETT Level IV Training | Treatment of Mind-Body Pain, Illness and Injury Health Conditions

This training is focused on the use of ETT techniques and protocols in the treatment of physical symptoms - centered on relieving the stress component of physical pain, illness, and injury.

ETT Level V Training | Treatment of Spiritual and Religious Issues

This training focuses on the use of ETT techniques to assist with religious/spiritual issues.  It concerns integrating religious/spiritual issues into Psychotherapy if and when it is appropriate.