Training and Certification

Become an ETTIA Certified Therapist

There are five ETT training levels offered to individuals interested in becoming an ETT therapist. Learning occurs through lecture, discussion, case studies, experiential activities and live demonstrations as well as supervised practice with tra.

Eligibility  Requirements

ETT training is offered to individuals who are Licensed Mental Health Professionals with a Master's or Doctoral degree in Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, Psychiatry, Psychology, or Social Work, and are licensed to practice in their state or province. Interns and Students must be working under the supervision of a fully licensed Mental Health Clinician and will submit that supervisor's degree and license information for consideration prior to registration for ETT training.

ETT Training Levels at a glance.

ETT trainings and ETTIA events listed here

ETT Teachers and Consultants are ETTIA Master Certfied therapist who are trained and dedicated to the advancement of ETT.

How to become an ETTIA Certified Therapist