Professional Code of Conduct

ETTIA has adopted a Professional Code of Conduct in order to assure the highest standards of excellence and integrity in ETT ®.  By adopting this Code, ETTIA creates guidelines to establish and uphold standards of practice, training, certifications and research.  All members of ETTIA, as a condition of membership, subscribe to the following code of conduct.

  1. Members of ETTIA shall observe the professional and ethical standards of their respective clinical professions.  If members are not licensed or accountable to a particular discipline’s Code of Ethics, or if their Code of Ethics does not address the concern at hand, then the American Psychological Association (APA) Code of Ethics (June 1, 2003) shall apply.
  2. Members shall continue to be in good standing with the professional organization with which they are affiliated and regulatory board (e.g. state of or provincial licensure board or Ministry of Health) in their jurisdiction and have no confirmed findings of illegal, unprofessional or unethical conduct. Members shall report within 30 days to ETTIA any problems and authorize ETTIA to contact the appropriate licensing boards.
  3. Members shall adhere to the Code of Ethics of their respective clinical profession with regard to advertising of services or ETT training programs.  If members are not licensed or accountable to the particular discipline’s Code of Ethics, then the APA Code of Ethics (June1, 2003 ) regarding ethics in advertising and public statements shall apply.
  4. Members or Non-Members serving in an ETTIA-sanctioned position will follow all policies and guidelines related to that position.
  5. Grievance Process – If you believe you have a grievance, other than a third-party contract dispute against ETTIA, anyone in an ETTIA –sanctioned position, or an ETTIA member, contact the ETTIA President for a copy of the ETTIA grievance process.  If, however, the complaint concerns a clinical ethics issue, you instead should contact the appropriate state or provincial regulatory board or Ministry of health.