ETTIA Store Terms and Conditions

  • I acknowledge that I am purchasing these devices solely for my own professional use, I am ETT certified to use these devices, and I am the user who owns this account. I undestand that the warranty only applies to the account holder.  All sales are final, non-returnable, and nonrefundable.
  • I understand that these devices are not medical devices, and that the majority of the therapeutic impact is from the interpersonal relationship of the ETT trained therapist and their client, not from the device itself.  Because of this, I acknowledge that I have received, or are in the process of receiving, specific training for the use of these devices from an ETTIA certified  instructor, an ETT certified instructor, or Dr. Steven Vazquez.
  • These devices can only be resold to appropriately certified and ETT trained therapists through the ETTIA website. I agree that I will not sell these devices on sales channels such as Ebay, Amazon, or any other sales channels as the end user’s certifications cannot be verified.
  • A product care manual will either be provided with the product or a copy may be downloaded from the ETTIA website.  I agree to follow the instructions in the device’s care manual.