What Is ETT™?

Emotional Transformation Therapy (ETT™) is a new form of therapy that often rapidly alleviates emotional distress as well as physical pain which has been caused by that stress. The term “transformation” refers to the unusual degree of improvement that occurs when ETT facilitates change through the therapeutic use of light and/or color wavelengths. It is a non-drug approach that can bypass the intellect and directly relieve unresolved emotions around personal conflicts. ETT combines the best of the new research on interpersonal therapy with new discoveries in visual brain stimulation.


Will ETT Help Me With My Problems?

Our Commitment is to Help Those Who Need It. ETT™ Professionals believe that therapy should be

Effective: focused on producing the client’s desired results;
Thorough: completely resolving the client’s problems;
Timely: brief therapy, often resolving problems in as a little a single session.

The range of applications for ETT™ is enormous. Breakthroughs in treatment have been observed in relieving the following conditions:
• anxiety • marital conflicts • sexual addictions
• ADHD • panic attacks • sleep problems
• depression • phobias • substance addiction
• eating disorders • PTSD • weight loss
• OCD • seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
ETT™ operates on the stress component of illness, injury, and physical pain. It has been observed to often relieve the symptoms of numerous physical chronic pain conditions such as the following:
• arthritis • irritable bowel syndrome • sciatica
• fibromyalgia • low back pain • shoulder and neck pain
• gout and neuropathy • migraine headaches • temperomandibular joint pain (TMJ)